Technology is everywhere. Just take a look around and think about it. Smartphones, tablets, personal computers, video games and so on… our life is surrounded by technology and our children are also using it at home, at school, everywhere. Our children use it to learn many things that we could not think of right now. We know that there are a lot of important positive impact of technology.

But on the other hand, there are a lot of negative impacts on children, which occur due to overuse of technology like:

  • Relationships and Social Skills Issues

Easy availability and social acceptance of mobile devices lead to young kids using them more and more. Often the kids become addicted to it, not spending enough time with their family and/or friends. The new generation are more likely to be virtually connected with friends, sharing photos and texting online than actually meeting them in person. Spending too much time online weakens the bond between the parents and the child, and also deprive the child of the opportunity to develop the very important social skills.

  • Health Problems

The overuse of mobile devices is harmful to children’s health. The more they engage with mobile devices, the less physical activities they do and the problem is worsened when the use of such devices is combined with snacking and substituting healthy meals with junk food. Over time, these habits can lead to a significant weight gain.

  • Browsing Online Can Be Dangerous

While browsing online we often face harmful things such as phishing, virus and other dangers disguised as advertising. Most of the adults can easily avoid them, but what about our children?

A study from 2005 says that 70% of teens aged between 15-17 have accidentally stumbled across pornography online. What about nowadays? The children can go online and search for anything. But with the right monitoring enforced by their parents, they can be kept at bay from those dangers.

  • Mobile Device Overuse Reduce Sleep Quality

According to the article “Kids Are Being Kept Awake by Their Phones Even When They’re Not Using Them” over 72% of all children in U.S.A have at least one device in their bedroom. JAMA Paediatrics published a study with the big question: Is there an association between screen-based media device access or use in the sleep environment, and sleep quantity and quality?

Well, they found out that there is a strong and consistent evidence of a link between mobile devices overuse and reduced sleep quality. Our children are sleeping less than they should & lack of sleep can have serious consequences on our brain. During the sleep, the brain does some “housekeeping” tasks, clearing things that aren’t important and restoring the nerves networks to wake up again ready for a new day. But sleeping less means that we’re depriving our brain of its essential needs.

  • Is Your Smartphone Affecting Your Relationship with Your Kids?

Take a time to think about it, have you checked your phone for notifications? How many times did you open WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, or Instagram when you’re with your children? Is it impacting the relationship you have with them? Just for once keep your devices away and spend quality time with kids without any disturbance and see the difference for yourself.