You don’t have to ride for a 100 Kilometre every time you hop on to your saddle – even riding for a short distance makes a lot of difference.

For most of us, taking time out of our over-busy schedule to devote to cycling or even working out may seem like an unattainable dream. Clocking huge distances on a daily basis requires more work than any average cyclist can manage, but riding daily is not only very feasible, but also encouraged. Here are 5 simple reasons that will make you want to ride your bicycles every day.

  • Make Travelling a Joy

If you want to ride your bicycle regularly, but are always short of time, one of the most logical ways to do it is to make it a part of your commute. “Unlike going to a gym, or taking time out to work out in any way, cycling can be easily integrated into our everyday life”. We all need to travel constantly on a daily basis. Depending on the distance involved we can make a conscious choice of choosing a bicycle over going in a car. Time spent biking to and from even for short distances quickly add up, and provides real health benefits, without requiring you to set some time out for working out.

The benefits of getting around on the bicycle go beyond avoiding the problems of traffic jams and finding a suitable spot for parking. Travelling by car has been linked to weight gain and obesity, even in people who make time for exercise. Cycling not only helps in improving your metabolic rate but also keeps the stress levels down. A study done on women who commute by walking or cycling at least 30 minutes every day, researchers found that they were less prone to breast cancer.

  • Be Mentally Sharper

It has been established that exercising daily is found to increase the energy levels throughout the day and reduce the fatigue. Even exercising just for 30 minutes a day can improve your memory, reaction time and creative thinking.

“One of the best exercises I would recommend is Cycling,” says Dr. Anshika, The Physio Clinic. “It helps relieve stress, anxiety and depression. A study done on men who just started exercising, overall improvement in the mental health was seen.

  • Have Better Sex

With Great Mental Health – Comes Great Confidence! Which may or may not be a good thing. Men who exercise daily have been found to self-acknowledge that their sexual desirability is above average, or much above average. Exercise has been shown to increase the sexual drive and lower the sexual dysfunction to a point.

  • Offset Overeating

Also, you can eat what you like and still maintain your weight to a certain extent. In a study conducted at the University of Bath, researchers took a 2 group of men which were massively over weight. One group was told to exercise daily. Despite consuming the same amount of surplus calories, the group that exercised daily was able to offset the ill effects of overeating like blood sugar spikes and unhealthy metabolic changes.

  • Longer Life Expectancy

Riding daily not only makes you healthier and happier, it also increases the time you feel that way. A 8 years long study in Taiwan monitored 4, 00,000 adults and their exercising patterns. The results were phenomenal, just 15 minutes of exercise each day correlated with 3 year increase in the life expectancy. None of these people were young and most weren’t very athletic when they started the study. But the results are very encouraging. It’s never too late!

If you are ready to commit to riding your bicycle every day, try completing short term streaks, it’s easier to start a habit by completing smaller goals and then moving ahead step by step.

May God Bless you with a Happy & a Healthy Life ahead.