[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We at AHOY! (Mitras Group), have been serving the bicycle industry for over 30 years. Manufacturing components for Kids Cycles and supplying to major OEM’s like Hero, BSA, Avon, Atlas, Kross Cycles and many more.

We observed that the Indian Bicycle Industry has failed to adapt to the global quality, design & safety benchmarks. As a result of which, our kids were not getting the product they deserved.

It was then, that we decided to create top of the line products, we had to avail of the best brains in the field. We affiliated with German Engineers for designing and consultation to make bicycles that kids would love. Bicycles for which the parents could be assured about quality and safety of their kids. At last, after much time of carefully planning, designing, prototyping and rigorous quality testing, the brand AHOY! was created.

The next big challenge was yet to be solved. We identified a major problem of parents wanting a bicycle for kids. We found that the parents were so over occupied and busy in their daily lives, that it was difficult for them to take out time and energy to go for the hunt for right bicycle for their children. Most of the times it became a project and got postponed indefinitely, causing upset in children for unmet expectations. Even if the parents ordered the bicycle online, they received it in a semi-assembled condition. Assembling the bicycle at home was a hassle, so the bicycle had to be taken to a trained bicycle mechanic for assembly and would again require more time and money.

We solved this problem forever!!

“We are the only company in India that provides “Fitted & Ready to Ride Cycles for Kids” at the comfort of home. We deliver the bicycle to your home free of cost, all over India.”

Today, AHOY! has carved a niche for itself in the industry by providing “Fitted & Ready to Ride Bicycles” that can be bought on the Internet, and we are also available at selected bicycle stores across India.

Yes, we realize there are other bicycles on the market which can be bought at the local bicycle retail shop. But with our unique designs and our never-ending commitment to quality, we provide you with THE SAFEST & THE MOST STYLISH BICYCLES FOR KIDS. We think you will find AHOY! The right choice for your kids!

Thank you for visiting our website — we hope you enjoyed learning why AHOY! is the best choice for your little one. After all,

There’s only one AHOY!

Our Commitment:

To provide consumers with high-quality products that promote health and active play in a safe & fun way for kids of all ages.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]