Mountain Bikes’ popularity has certainly taken off over the last few decades. These gear bicycle are built to tackle any form of terrain. They can be your perfect companion on regular roads, rides across parks, and even help you conquer rough trails. If you enjoy long rides in the park and other off-road tracks, gear bicycle are the best type of cycle to have on such occasions. These Mountain Bicycles are equipped with Great Suspensions, powerful brakes, distinctly sturdy wheels, and thick tires and provide a comfortable gear ratio to provide better stability thus making them a little heavier and slower as compared to Hybrid Bikes or Road Bikes. But when it comes to durability and comfort of the sitting position, them make up for it.

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  • Buy Battle 2.1 Gear Bicycle 27.5T MTB Cycle with Shimano gear orange

    Battle 2.1 (27.5T)

  • Buy Battle 2.2 MTB Cycle 27.5T | Orange Bicycle with Shimano gear

    Battle 2.2 (27.5T)