Cycles for kids are some of the most treasured possessions, they love to ride and flaunt. AHOY Bikes offers ‘The Safest and the Coolest Bicycles for Kids in India’. AHOY Boys Bikes are aesthetically styled to appeal to kids and optimized to fit a child’s proportions & keep them safe while riding. The safety of kids while riding a cycle is of utmost concern for us and you parents. We have equipped Ahoy Bikes with amazing safety features which other bicycles normally do not have like Stop Easy Brakes, Extreme Steering Lockout, and Wide Grip Tyres. We adjusted the gearing as well. With Ahoy Cycles, it is easier to start pedaling and get into speed, while lowering the top speed. This means the kids can get going quickly and once they start riding, you can still jog along the side to stay with them.

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  • Brash Non Gear Cycle 24T | Buy Grey Non Gear Bike for Men

    Brash 24T

  • Growler All Terrain Bike 29T | Buy Grey Non Gear Cycle for Men

    Growler 29T

  • Ralph Single Speed Cycle 27.5T | Buy Red Non Gear Bike for Men

    Ralph 27.5T