In this age of fast food, video games, portable devices and movies, kids often tend to become a little lazy. The habit of going out to play has reduced drastically over the past decade. Also, it cannot be denied that kids need to be physically active. Regular physical activity keeps the children away from a lot of diseases.

Cycling is considered to be one of the best ways to reduce the risk of health issues linked with a sedentary lifestyle. Children do not necessarily have to go every day and do a rigorous ride, a simple ride in a park, a playground or a nearby lane is also enough for starters. Cycling is a low-impact yet a very healthy exercise that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. It’s a fun & a cost effective way of staying healthy.

Cycling regularly has proven health benefits on kids

  • The cycling kids tend to be more confident & alert.
  • They enjoy a little time & freedom for themselves to get acquainted with the nearby areas
  • They are more independent as compared to the kids who don’t cycle

Further, cycling has a positive impact on the overall development of the kids. From increase in stamina to making independent yet small decisions, it has a crucial role in a kid’s life. Cycling facilitates not just physical but enhances mental growth too.

Cycling is an Excellent Cardiovascular Workout

It’s never too late to get your kid a little extra active & get their heart pumping. Cycling involves the large muscle groups in legs, hence it raises the heart rate and also increases the stamina. It’s a fact that the stamina of a cycling kid is higher than that of stamina of kid involved in other games they usually like to play.

Cycling Builds strength and muscle mass

Cycling is not just a workout for legs. Cycling, on the other hand, helps strengthens the whole body. Further, many other sports activities build strength which is excessively intense for young children, whereas cycling builds muscles gradually. It’s a slow yet very effective process so you don’t have to worry about over-stressing your child’s body.

Great way to improve parent-child bonding

Rather than spending time on laptops or video games, riding the cycle together with your family is much more fun and exciting. It will not just help keep you fit but also fill the evening with laughs and many happy memories. Cycling is one of the best ways to bond with your kids. Besides, this would also show a positive effect on your child’s mental and emotional health, reducing the stress levels, and keep anxiety and depressions at bay.

Cycling Makes the Kids emotionally strong

Children feel more confident when they ride outside on their own. It not only boosts self-confidence but the kids also become more aware of their body. The more they cycle the more they get familiar with the routes and people. Their social skills improve big time.

Cycling gives them an option to go out more

Not necessarily every other kid will be available to play outdoor when your kid wants to. At that time, you don’t want your kid to be stuck at home in front of a TV. Give them an option to rather pick up their cycle and go for a short and safe ride in the neighbourhood by themselves. No dependency on others. Vitamin D from the sunlight will help them get a good night sleep. A good sleep is very crucial for a child’s early growing years.